Sunday, June 19, 2016

pinoytoons studio finished !!

whew !!.... it's finally finished . took a longer than expected . got short on my budget . construction got slowed down due to lack of materials . i had to take a few short comissions to fill the gaps . but it's all good now . the place is not perfect but i'm pretty happy with it . sorry if my content got delayed . i'll do what i can to bring in some new stuff ASAP . tnx for the patience  


  1. wow man! it's looking amazing!!, have a bed, have space, it is sound proff, is a perfect location, just don't forget to lock the door hahaha.

    1. cousin wanted to paint it but i insisted that i need to get back on track . i'm comfortable with the place as it is anyway

    2. you have a nice and loving cousin

  2. galing mo kuya =D
    lalagyan ba ng itlog yan ginawa mong sound proofing? hahahaha