Saturday, June 11, 2016

new studio is born

ok guys , some stuff happened . i got kicked out of my gf's place and i was forced to find a new place to work  . i got out of comission for almost a week . took me some time find an area where i can establish internet connection . im staying at my cousin's property atm . so now i'm working on this one . 

this is how it looks like yesterday :

and this is how it looks like today:

still a lot of work to do here . it's basically gonna a cave. a dragon's cave :D
it's very low budget . it's ugly but that really does'nt matter . as long as i can work without anyone to nag and yell at me . it should be finished this week so i can move in .I will post updates on this one once it's done . 
. but no worries on my usual stuff . i'm currently working on a new loop . should be out soon .
and btw , the RC game might be out on patreon much earlier than expected . just need to change some BGM and add PCG's logo

anyway , tnx to all patrons that have been supporting my work .
now with a proper venue . you guys can expect more good content . 

anyway , if you guys like to support my work and the Rogue Courier game
click HERE 


  1. Oh fuck dude that sucks I'm so sorry

    1. it's okay man , i will make the most out this . it should be one of the best decisions i made in my life :)

  2. oh man, this is not bad, you know, some times bad things happen just to even better things come to you xD.
    Is a house or just a room?, because it's looking amazing!!.

  3. just a room . im gonna make it sound proof so i can play loud music inside . i got kicked out because of that hehe

  4. haha like me, I don't like to hear music with headphones, sometimes hurt my ears haha, and good luck you new dragon/knight/warrior/paladin/death knight(if you play wow hehe) cave xD. Now you have an perfect location for your work xD, just don't forget to lock the door haha.

  5. Damn friend, you are better off away from that crazy woman then, if you just got kicked for blasting out music that's a big problem, i can't imagine myself with a woman who hates loud music, i'm a big fan of yours so i'm here to show my support, i know you can do it!

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  7. tnx guys . it's almost done . i will update on it soon