Saturday, April 9, 2016

RC loop sample 7

hiho .sorry for the delayed post . I was sick for a few days and I was'nt been able to finish this loop much earlier . this time's feature is Ayo . another OC from RC . some of you may be familiar with her already so I guess this is mainly for the new visitor's here . 

this past week , all I've done is editing audio for hentai scenes for the "demo" . I kinda don't like the editing part tho . it's just not my thing . but anyway , I also spent time finding BGM's for the game and spent quite an amount . just reaping the fruits of the last comission . 

this month will be pretty hectic . I got a lot of catching up to do. I even declined another comission from the same guy . hopefully I don't get low budget within these coming two months or otherwise .

so that will be it for this post , I'll post some new ones maybe next week

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