Monday, April 25, 2016

fanmade hentai video update 1

ok guys , this is what I will be working on from here and forward . the fanmade hentai clip will be based on dna hunter 2's first sequence . this is to buy time for the progammer to finish th RC demo . it's quite a lot of scenes and this may take a while . I'm not really sure about the ETA since I will be doing some stuff for RC too like testrun, graphic fix , story board , etc . 

as for RC , I think we will realease a test for space shooter really soon on patreon . just waiting for him to replace some graphics for some projectiles. a lot of negotiations have been made between me and the programmer . there are quite singificant changes on the initial idea that's been changed and removed . we've done a lot of testing and this why RC is kinda slow . 

so this will all for now , thanks for visiting my blog
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Monday, April 18, 2016

RC sample loop 8

wow , this month has the worst climate ever , hitting 40° and more . I hope this El NiƱo would just end already . I can't concentrate working . my gums are swollen due to heat index . my brains are fried . my eyes are burning when I face my monitor . I'm not really sick but I feel sick because of this humidity . still ,... I managed to finish this loop .  this one features Nene . she's another OC from RC . 

anyway , I think this one will be the last sample loop . I wanna start another major content . all stuff regarding RC is up to the programmer now ,so while we are on the wait for him . I will be working on a different project . 

I always wanted to reskin some old hentai that I really like . I mean , do my own version of these animations  . a fanmade video . I'm not sure if people would like it , but I like to try . 

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

RC loop sample 7

hiho .sorry for the delayed post . I was sick for a few days and I was'nt been able to finish this loop much earlier . this time's feature is Ayo . another OC from RC . some of you may be familiar with her already so I guess this is mainly for the new visitor's here . 

this past week , all I've done is editing audio for hentai scenes for the "demo" . I kinda don't like the editing part tho . it's just not my thing . but anyway , I also spent time finding BGM's for the game and spent quite an amount . just reaping the fruits of the last comission . 

this month will be pretty hectic . I got a lot of catching up to do. I even declined another comission from the same guy . hopefully I don't get low budget within these coming two months or otherwise .

so that will be it for this post , I'll post some new ones maybe next week

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