Tuesday, March 22, 2016

RC sample loop 6

hey hey hey , what's up . it's time for a new loop . introducing Kaye . she's an OC as 
well from the game I'm working on . I guess it's time we get to see some new characters featured. diversity is always good . 

I did recently finished my comission for MnF so now , I will be focusing on the project more . Im currently working on updating materials for the game . particularly on the main character . me and the progammer had issues with the turnaround of the chaaracter so I'm expanding it . I will make a post about it as soon as it's done . hopefully until next week . then I'll get back doing new loops

so that's it for now , click HERE to support my work


  1. How can I download these previews? They're amazing

  2. Kouia invaded the sample 6, he really wanted the spotlight!

  3. how to download the preview? coz its so f*cking hot bro