Friday, February 19, 2016

RC sample loop 4

tantananan!! hohoho . I just made a new material . I got this from an old comission , but since I re-skinned it , it's mine now hehehe . some of you might think that I'm being lazy lately . but thing is ,I had to re-touch details that I did'nt really like from the original . if you know where to find that comission , you will see the difference . this one looks better ahihihi :D

let me know if you guys like these kind of re-skins with 2 variants and climax . I may do some more of types so leave a comment if possible

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

RC sample loop 3

alright , this one here is very much my favorite so far . it took quite while , probably because 
i did some effect on me hehe . I found my self staring at it for quite a a lot while producing it , with a grin . the meticulous me went wild .this scene has a very promising expansion just in case . 

as for the next piece , i think I'm gonna do a full scene , with speed variations then climax  . add next button , but no sound however , I still don't know how to code that shit. 
I already had the lay out and i think it should be ready somewhere early 20th this month . I'm pretty excited with that and you guys should too :D

so there you have it . I hope you liked this loop .

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