Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 first ecchi update

happy new year !! this will be my first post for 2016 
it's been really hectic for the past few weeks but i'm glad it's over , i can focus on the project more
these are addition to the hentai scenes . theres still a lot of stuff to do ,but most of it are related to
the gameplay . i need to do revisions on most of the window tabs and do some other graphics . 
having that said , it does'nt mean i will stop posting nsfw until the demo gets done . i think i can do some occational loop animations to fill the gaps

so this will be it for this update . i'll make sure to make another one real soon .
thanks for visiting my blog . 

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  1. Looks hot as fuck, is there any reason his dickhead is so dark though?