Sunday, December 27, 2015

RC cynth update

happy holidays everyone . it's really busy this month . been trying to focus on the project but the holiday is really getting on the way . xmas is over yet new year is still coming . occations like this are pretty extreme in my country . i getting disrupted lately . atleast i made progress this week . this scene is one the incidental android . i added the climax on the doggy scene , and made the BJ scene . 
hopefully next month ,i can finish another scene fro another character

and some sample animation

so this will be all for this update .  i have another update regarding the gameplay in the coming days . pink cookie games have made some progress on adding the path finder on the rpg mode . 

thanks for your patience and support

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

RC additional scenes update

hey hey , wazzup guys . holidays is getting near . it's really busy and i need to show 
some stuff . so ,.. i worked on two more scenes for the project . and designed the first android to appear

im still working on this one , it's a re-used scene from hinata loop i made sometime ago . i'm  expanding these scene . add variations , speed , then climax . i named this character , cynth . yeah yeah , i got it originally from the name cynthia . i removed the last 3 letters and it sounded like a sci-fi name :D


now this one here is called Arti . if you have been following my work much earlier , you should have seen this already . well , she's a key character in RC . you get to know her role soon enough . as you can see , she's not the normal human kind . i already completed this scene , variations and climax . but i'm willing to expand this when i got a chance . 

so this will be my first update for this month , i am to post the update soon with the gameplay in my patreon feed . we made some progress since the last time . the skeleton of the game is working now . just need to polish it . if you want to check it out , be sure to be a patron 

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