Wednesday, November 25, 2015

RC coloring and sample update

so ah... still busy making the RC game , having to direct the game actually . while i been coloring 
some animations used for the game . there's still a lot more to do in this project . but for now 
this are screen shots:

and i do admit that I cannot get away with a sample animation tho :)

well i have plans to expand the animations on these scenes . maybe add more transitions , more variations , etc , but as for a beta test , this will be good enough . 
ATM , we are piecing out the explore mode in the game . we will make an update with it soon
. credits to Pink Cookie Games for this endevour .
i hope you guys can stick with us till this game gets finished . 
thanks to all your patronage , spreading the word . 
this project is doing well atm .
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  1. Replies
    1. here name is Kera . there is an element in the game called "Tributes" . these are like concubines players can own . the thing is , it gains revenue by keeping it in player's custody . its basically a "high end" asset . in this scene , it's only a biological print (a copy) . the blue capsule there in the BG is the printer . players can avail the bio pack in NPC's . if player obtains a tribute

    2. * correction : if player obtains a tribute , he/she gets a share . player's can also have sex with it