Thursday, October 22, 2015


ohh,... here she comes... watch out boy , she'll choke you out
oh,.. here she comes , she's a man eater 

oh well , this is Halina my OC . she's from a project I am working on called Rogue Courier
I am still working on the one tho . i hope to finish it next month but we'll see

sorry i could'nt have it cell shaded due to schedule . perhaps the animation itself
makes up for it . 

anyway , if you like my work and still not
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swf versions here :

NG link
HF link


  1. Anywhere to watch the video in HD?

  2. OMG - Your art is just amazing!!! I don't think I've ever seen a hentai scene like this done with such finness. It's absolutely beautiful :O

    Keep up the amazing work *thumbs up*

    1. tnx , i'm glad you liked it . the swf version much better version btw . I provided the link