Friday, October 23, 2015

10/2015 raffle price

oh yeah , i just moved into a trend . very nice request from 
this month's raffle winner . i'm not very good at making portraits but i think this 
version of me is enough to make interest haha

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Thursday, October 22, 2015


ohh,... here she comes... watch out boy , she'll choke you out
oh,.. here she comes , she's a man eater 

oh well , this is Halina my OC . she's from a project I am working on called Rogue Courier
I am still working on the one tho . i hope to finish it next month but we'll see

sorry i could'nt have it cell shaded due to schedule . perhaps the animation itself
makes up for it . 

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swf versions here :

NG link
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Saturday, October 17, 2015

RC EP1 update # 1

hi every one . did you missed me . sorry to keep you waiting . 
as of now , i am working on the main project , Rogue Courier . it's been bothering me what this
project's format should be called . it's a mix of animation and comic. well , it's not exactly
a comic cuz' it does'nt have that baloon dialogue . it's actually caption type . idk ,
i'm confused my self .so i guess "anicom" would be okay LOL . if you got suggestions,
please leave a comment

i made some progress these past two weeks 
these are screen shots 

I must admit that i have to adjust my self on this . not only that I am animating . 
I am also doing some action script and do most of the writing
as well . progress is kinda slow in regards with the animation .
there are times when i suddenly freeze . brainstorming . 
i don't like that part cuz' it felt like i'm procastinating . doing nothing physically
it's kinda weird . 

one thing i also need to mention , i decided to have this project , semi cell shaded . 
i can have this fully cell shaded but that would take a toll
significatly . given that this is a series , progress would be extremely slow
and i will eventually get burned out ,which will compromise the project . 
i need to avoid that as much as possible . i pretty sure patrons 
would'nt be happy with a super slow production . 
I am slow right now ,so how much more if i push the workload more .
i guess that would make sense

anyway , i feel guilty not leaving you with atleast a sample animation , 
so this one should do 

by the way , i will be uploading some stuff in the coming days . this includes 
Halina's blowjob video . 

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