Sunday, September 27, 2015

HURRAY!! it's finished !!

woohoo!!! it's finally finished !! this piece is ready for upload . again , it will be posted on the 3rd next month . make sure you guys complete your pledges for early access . you guys have been great .
below as screenshots

it's doe'snt look much because the climax scene took a lot of time to animate . i had to draw the effects , frame after frame . turned out to be the best i made so far . so there you have it . thanks to all of you and your support . 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

10/2015 project update

ok guys this project is coming near towards completion . altough i estimated to finish it by 15th this month but i guess i was wrong . but hey , i finished 11 scenes since my last update and that was a heck of a progress . i'm only missing two more scenes then i'll get to work on some re-touching

below are screenshots from the actual scenes : 

so there you have it . i'm pretty sure a lot of people are looking forward with it's completion . but we're still on schedule . should be uploaded on my patreon on the 3rd , next month . altough i should mention that it will be out on my NG,HF,this blog ,etc. my patrons made this project possible so they should be the first ones to have early access to it heh 

if you're still not a patron yet , i suggest you become one before the end of the month . and make sure you process your pledge . if you're ready , click HERE 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

10/2015 raffle draw

here it is . we got our result . tnx to all patrons who participated . congratz to the winner . i hope he reply asap . thanks to all all who participated