Tuesday, August 25, 2015

pinoytoons project updates

it's been a week since my last post here . and i promised to bring some news regarding my content . thing is i am working hard on it , and yes i admit , progress is slow . as you guys know  , i'm a one man studio and i am thankful to all of you patrons who's been patient with me . 

this post will be about two things ; a good news , and the bad news 



things are doing well with the short video of halina atm . i made quite a lot of progress with it , infact i just finished 7 more scenes in a short amount of time . i did rushed it  , but i am very happy with the result . i did wanted to make a minute long video but when i exported  it was actually longer than that . i would say that the whole right now is around 65% . meaning the this project may end up around 2 minute long . i can finish all needed scenes  this month but that would be rushing it up and decrease the quality towards the end . that would be a " turn-off " . i have no real ETA for this video when i started it but my best estimate would be around the the 15th of september  . afterwards i would need to make some editing . altough i must let you guys know that i will have to schedule the post on october 3rd on my patreon . file will be downloadable for all patrons . yes ,  you guys made this project possible so it's only just that you guys get to see it first hehe . but for now , i will have to leave you with screenshots:

i know i've been consistent in the past but this time it's for real . i'm saying this because this project is all me . no collaborators , no hassles , no talk shit . this is what you supported and this is what you'll get . i should have done this before so i'm very sorry for taking so long to make up my mind . 



as you people know , RC ( flash game ) has been very unstable since the begining . my programmer was sometimes hot and sometimes cold . i mentioned this in my older posts . just when i'm about to get revise the project and get rid of him , he got back to me . i gave him a chance and then later , he disappeared . i mean for good . i could not find his FB . i could'nt PM him anymore . it's either he blocked me or deleted his account . 

as you can see in the date , my last message was on august 5 . i get no reply from him afterwards . i checked after a few days and i noticed his profile pic being blank . i have no idea why he did that . i was patient with him . did'nt put pressure or anything . remember my flash , eyline's captivity . he did the programming . took him 2 months to deliver . well , i did admit that he's only doing my projects as sideline so i'm assuming that he could not keep up  . yes this is bad news for RC , but hear me out . RC will still go-on . it's just that it will be reduced to a narrative . no quest , items , exploration , etc .for those who became a patron because of the hopes of seeing a game , i will understand if you cancel your pledge . i failed to deliver and i'm deeply sorry about this . i wish i can refund you but the best i can do is create a content . you can still see my work for free so your past pledges are still not in vain .

so what would this RC narrative look like ? 

well , usually i do things in a video format . and i  was planning to do it that way if i lose the programmer , which i did . but given that i already made materials for the game , it would be a waste if i don't use it . so i decided to make RC an animated comic , but have that walkthrough flavor on it . it's really weird to be honest . but i guess nobody did that yet . it should be insteresting and new , i hope . this time , it's all me . no more bullshit 



as of now , i wanted to focus only on halina's video . but as i said earlier , it's still need more time . it's pretty hard to jump on and off two projects with that "mood" thing needs to be dealt with . especially now that i'm frustrated with RC . i wanted to finish halina first , then start fresh on RC . i guess by that time i'm fully recharged again . it's an artist thing and i don't wanna explain here :) 


so i guess that's it for this post . thanks to all of you patrons who supported me up to this day . i know pissed some of you and i apologize . 


  1. don't give up man, I know a forum of programmers that can you post about RC and try to find a programer. With you animations It's certainly you will find a programmer quick.
    Here the forum: www.legendofkrystal.com/forum/

    1. tnx man . i know this forum sometime ago but did'nt have time to dig in more . i should get to it when i got the chance . it surely is worth the try

  2. Believe me, I know it is frustrating for things to not go as planned. I have failed kickstarters, lost a programmer I had originally for UMCH, had games not be popular like I wanted them to be, had problems with VAs, had negative trolling publicity and ridicule, and list goes on.

    But everyone fails at times when trying to do something big, it is how you learn and grow and get better a whatever it is.
    shit happens. But you have get back up and try again.

    but take some time to calm down and later rethink this over. or as you said, recharge.

    I agree with Alex about not giving up your original idea man. Maybe you can come back to it later. but with the right help. The programmer is not something to even get mad about, you call it bullshit you had to deal with, but part of the blame is your own fault for keeping him for so long.

    you mentioned this programmer was rocky from the start, he was hot and cold, you were already going to get rid of him, he was new to programming in flash, he took a long time to code, and that he could only work on it part time... These are all huge negatives. And you wanted this guy to program your dream game RC... to put it nicely...he was definitely not the right guy for the job.

    so you lost a guy who was not good for the RC anyway. Just take some times to relax, then try it again. you can try again sooner or later after you have done a few other things, but you should try it again at some point in the future. I've worked on many projects solo like umcc and daughter of eve, I can say that working with the right people better in most cases. I can get into reason why if you want but I will spare you the extra two or three paragraphs I could write about it heh. And of course working with the wrong people, like this guy, never produces good results.

    eventually I hope you find someone or even multiple people more reliable for helping create RC.

    And relax man, I'm sure there are not many patrons with some high pressure for you to spit something out asap.

    Yes people probably want to you working on making stuff, but I'm sure most people would want something from you that is high quality over something lower quality that was just rushed as fast as you can make it. and yes your idea of a preview is good.

    1. I agree with everything what vortex says, don't give up with RC, you will find a nice guy to work with you. The guy who quit is not the correctly guy, all you need is to relax and think about everything, I think all guys will understand you situation, is hard to find the right people to do this, you tried this guy but he failed with you, this is normal, don't need to guilty yourself, you do a fantastic work and you are a great man. (and sorry for bad english)

    2. tnx . i appreciate the kind words guys . yeah i did made mistakes and what's is done . perhaps i will still need to proceed with the animated comic/walkthrough format . it should give some exposure to people . particularly , programmers who will potentially take interest .

  3. I am late on my comment, but i hope you read it.

    Man, I will repeat with Alex said and just say to you not to give up. I am your patron since day one (jccq89) and even if you had this bad experience, learn from that, keep your head up and just work on the project you love with the time you have, I know i can wait.

    Since you appeared at spiralvortexplay and started making your animations it was amazing to see everybody reactions to it and how good they were. And you just kept getting better, so i can say for myself that it has been a pleasure to help you through patreon (the only actual way i can), i cant fund much, but i just wish success to you from now on :)

    1. tnx man . i appreciate your support . it's nice to see positive feedbacks . will do my best

  4. Hi there!
    I'm totally new here, I was just contacted by one of my player, that is also one of yours, about your 'programmer' problem.
    I'm a programmer, (a one-man studio myself) the guy behind all those stuff (among other thing ^^) : mattis.mysexgames.com

    I... don't know your work very well, I got loads on my own hands, but you should definitely take a minute or two to send me an e-mail directly (mattis.chastan at gmail.com), so we can see if I can help you on your stuff!

    As a fellow creator struggling like crazy to find any help since years (me it's graphists : I almost can't find ANYONE who know how to draw in flash, lol. Internet is really a weird place where people often don't meet...), I can fully relate to your problem, and if there's anything I can do or contacts I can provide, I will.

    Mail me, really, and great job! ;)

  5. I like the Idea of an animated comic. Don't waste your time in looking for another programmer. I'm a programmer by myself and I know how much time it costs to understand old source code. Also I guess most of the people mainly looking for your excellent porn animation and are not interested in gaming either way.;)

  6. i hope for your success, RC is great.