Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rogue Courier update #12

hello internet . i'm back with some new update . i've been busy,busy ,busy with this . i even declined small comission offers haha . i want to dedicate my time on RC for the rest of the month and hopefully until next month . reaching my milestone was really big hep . i still got some budget left until next month so I thank all the patrons who pledged . anyway , here are some new materials for the game . 

so this is halina full 360 walk . there are still few stuff to needs be done here tho but for now , i just like to show this . moving along , the following are screenshots from the NSFW stuff in the game . 

so that would be it for this update .again , i did'nt post the animations cuz' you know , NO SPOILERS hahaha . i'm not really sure if i can post an animation this month . cuz' after i'm done with the most needed materials , i will go back with the halina smut video . that one needs to be touched again . i'm hoping to finish it next month . but idk , maybe i could have some change of mood in the following days so i might work a new loop 

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  1. just throwing this out there, but will there ever be an option for the girls to be futa or captain to be a chick? dont know if its worth it for you cuz you already did a bunch of animations.

    1. i got some ideas on the futa . but not for the captain hehe

    2. either way, looking good keep it up