Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rogue Courier update #11

greetings internet !! i know it's been quiet in my blog for a while so this would be just an update .  i could'nt produce a real content atm because i've been heavily working on the RC stuff . particularly , the elements needed for the game . to be honest , it drove me mental . i was overwelmed and it really took me a lot of time piecing it together . you know , this go'es here and there stuff  , almost like a solving a puzzle . to say the least , i manage to finish some of it . there are still a lot to do here and it will take while . thing is , my programmer is currently working on the codes and i need throw as much stuff as i can while he's still available .hopefully , we may get to publish atleast a some sort of demo by the end of the month . i don't want to make a promise , it's still uncertain . below are screenshots of my work done . 

i really felt guilty of not doing my usual NSFW stuff atm . i know some of you guys supported me tru patreon and expect to see those . but please give me more time . this project do have NSFW content but right now , i need to set up the stage . for now , i only got this to show:

yes , this is part of the RC . it's still on going but i will have to save this part on the actual game . i don't want to spoil everything by posting the animations early . i guess everyone would agree to that . so yeah,.... this will be it for this update .  if i get a chance to produce an NSFW content this month i will . i won't guarantee that i can so i just hope for your kind consideration . 

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  1. Looks good man keep it up. Having a solid game makes the hentai stuff that much better.
    I can answer questions if you need just e-mail me. Maybe I can save you from some further metal damage lol.

    1. tnx man . you've been really supportive since start . i'll let you know if i do