Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rogue Courier update # 10

hoho . as promised , these are the materials for the RC explore mode . this one here the layout  for the ship . 


the folowing are the actual BG's . it's quite a lot actually . the euphoria is actually big because it's a cargo ship . it's should be interesting to explore and a lot of fun stuff to do  

this are the initial BG's atm . some of them have missing props and stuff so i will still work on that .
there may be some changes on these BG's as the game progress but right now i just need this to work .
the design is really linear to honest .it's pretty mental to do do this only so i aimed more on functionality . 

there are still a lot of work to be done on RC . this one is only the ships' BG . i still need to do the other maps such as trade stations , enemy ship ,etc . 

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  1. omg man! awesome ship! , so huge, can't wait to see the beta or alpha of this game :D

    1. tnx . glad you liked it . i'm excited too .

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    3. hey pino if you need someone to help divulge Rogue Courier don't hesitate to call me!. (removed beucase my wrong english haha).