Tuesday, May 5, 2015

eyline's captivity

YAY !!! finally it's done , with some minor issues on the audio . but ,.... fuck it i don't care . i need it posted anyway . if my guy fix it then i will update it , if not then , what can i do hehe. it's been a bumpy road while developing this flash and i'm so happy that it came into being  :D 

note:give it some time to load cuz' it's quite a big file . if it's not loading , click here HERE

anyway , featured in this game is admiral eyline . she's quite a popular OC in HF owned by a user named Eyline ,which gave me permission to use it .  this is actually a crossover with my actual project called "Rogue Courier" . we're planning to make an appearance of her in the RC so hopefully everything works out well . the game is still under development and slowly gaining progress . if you're intersted in that you can click HERE to read more . 

i would also like to thank O89 of HF for his contribution for comissioning the VA . 

so there you have it ,...

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  1. Looks great man, got some interaction scenes also in a plus.
    I would recommend putting a link to your patreon inside the game itself.

    1. tnx . yeah i forgot about that one . i hope my guy can fix that one for me