Tuesday, March 17, 2015

rogue courier alpha test v2

so uhmm , we just finshed polishing the the stage 2 now . also added a new mob , which took us a while to complete due to some issues during gameplay . in this version you would be able to make use of the slow projectile if possible , try hitting the melee mob suing the green projectile to see the effect on the mob. i guess that explains why we designed the t,y,u,i,o,p buttons . we have plans for it haha

added to this version are the following:

-2nd cinematic
-stage 2
-melee mob

supposedly this version should have a BGM already but i guess my programmer is having his OT's again -_- . i'm not sure if the link button on the end is working or not so please let me know .

we are planning to make this a space shooter/sim/rpg game . i already made the layout of the ship and i will be posting it later on . players then can explore the ship and do some "stuff" . i know ,..... it's ambitious but we are willing to go for it . my programmer was confident that it's possible but with a catch . the file is gonna be BIG ! chances are it would be problematic to be played online . if so , i would have to let people DL it somewhere .

for issues and suggestions , please leave a comment .

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  1. Hi, I just want to ask you, if you could make cheats for those kind of people who are not interested in playing arcade games (I got shot/crashed all the time and the game ends.... with...... no porn at all://)

    1. i'm guessing that you are new to this blog LOL . this one is still in-progress atm . there is no hentai at this point yet .but yes it will have soon. altough i got a game in production right now so that one should cater what you're looking for . i suggest you comeback here later when it's posted. tnx for visiting :)

  2. Where i can play the Alpha Test 2, Please?