Monday, January 12, 2015

01/2015 raffle price : E'lara

ok guys . i know some of you you have been waiting for this months raffle price so here it is . !!!

E'lara , she's an OC from pandora's pleasure by 3Dxart 
done in adobe flash cs3 using gradients 
(click the pic for full view)

i was hoping to emulate the original but this is the farthest i can go :D . i'm not really an expert when it comes to portrait type of drawings but i'm happy with what i came up with  . i really suck at modeling the face . 

it was fun to work with tho . i had a boner muhahaha

and congratulations again to Zach for winning the first raffle !! 

for those who interested in my work and also want  to be involved , it simple . just become a patron and once you pledge has been succesfully proccessed , you will be included on the raffle .and besides , i also got some other stuff going on , so what are you waiting for ?!  click HERE!!

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