Sunday, December 27, 2015

RC cynth update

happy holidays everyone . it's really busy this month . been trying to focus on the project but the holiday is really getting on the way . xmas is over yet new year is still coming . occations like this are pretty extreme in my country . i getting disrupted lately . atleast i made progress this week . this scene is one the incidental android . i added the climax on the doggy scene , and made the BJ scene . 
hopefully next month ,i can finish another scene fro another character

and some sample animation

so this will be all for this update .  i have another update regarding the gameplay in the coming days . pink cookie games have made some progress on adding the path finder on the rpg mode . 

thanks for your patience and support

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

RC additional scenes update

hey hey , wazzup guys . holidays is getting near . it's really busy and i need to show 
some stuff . so ,.. i worked on two more scenes for the project . and designed the first android to appear

im still working on this one , it's a re-used scene from hinata loop i made sometime ago . i'm  expanding these scene . add variations , speed , then climax . i named this character , cynth . yeah yeah , i got it originally from the name cynthia . i removed the last 3 letters and it sounded like a sci-fi name :D


now this one here is called Arti . if you have been following my work much earlier , you should have seen this already . well , she's a key character in RC . you get to know her role soon enough . as you can see , she's not the normal human kind . i already completed this scene , variations and climax . but i'm willing to expand this when i got a chance . 

so this will be my first update for this month , i am to post the update soon with the gameplay in my patreon feed . we made some progress since the last time . the skeleton of the game is working now . just need to polish it . if you want to check it out , be sure to be a patron 

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

RC coloring and sample update

so ah... still busy making the RC game , having to direct the game actually . while i been coloring 
some animations used for the game . there's still a lot more to do in this project . but for now 
this are screen shots:

and i do admit that I cannot get away with a sample animation tho :)

well i have plans to expand the animations on these scenes . maybe add more transitions , more variations , etc , but as for a beta test , this will be good enough . 
ATM , we are piecing out the explore mode in the game . we will make an update with it soon
. credits to Pink Cookie Games for this endevour .
i hope you guys can stick with us till this game gets finished . 
thanks to all your patronage , spreading the word . 
this project is doing well atm .
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

11/2015 raffle draw

okay guys , i finally got this done . i know it's been late so sorry again for the delay .
due to development of RC ,  i wanted to announce that this will be last raffle i will conduct . this is because of budget . i am not alone anymore so it means i have to make a significant adjustment . 
perhaps in a future i will conduct this kind of event . or maybe come up with a new idea . 

for example : make the raffle yearly . like a loyalty gift sort . winners will be given the chance to contribute to the RC's content . like a side quest , or be an npc . idk . 

so that would be all for now , i will be back with updates later
thanks to all your support 

Friday, October 23, 2015

10/2015 raffle price

oh yeah , i just moved into a trend . very nice request from 
this month's raffle winner . i'm not very good at making portraits but i think this 
version of me is enough to make interest haha

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Thursday, October 22, 2015


ohh,... here she comes... watch out boy , she'll choke you out
oh,.. here she comes , she's a man eater 

oh well , this is Halina my OC . she's from a project I am working on called Rogue Courier
I am still working on the one tho . i hope to finish it next month but we'll see

sorry i could'nt have it cell shaded due to schedule . perhaps the animation itself
makes up for it . 

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swf versions here :

NG link
HF link

Saturday, October 17, 2015

RC EP1 update # 1

hi every one . did you missed me . sorry to keep you waiting . 
as of now , i am working on the main project , Rogue Courier . it's been bothering me what this
project's format should be called . it's a mix of animation and comic. well , it's not exactly
a comic cuz' it does'nt have that baloon dialogue . it's actually caption type . idk ,
i'm confused my self .so i guess "anicom" would be okay LOL . if you got suggestions,
please leave a comment

i made some progress these past two weeks 
these are screen shots 

I must admit that i have to adjust my self on this . not only that I am animating . 
I am also doing some action script and do most of the writing
as well . progress is kinda slow in regards with the animation .
there are times when i suddenly freeze . brainstorming . 
i don't like that part cuz' it felt like i'm procastinating . doing nothing physically
it's kinda weird . 

one thing i also need to mention , i decided to have this project , semi cell shaded . 
i can have this fully cell shaded but that would take a toll
significatly . given that this is a series , progress would be extremely slow
and i will eventually get burned out ,which will compromise the project . 
i need to avoid that as much as possible . i pretty sure patrons 
would'nt be happy with a super slow production . 
I am slow right now ,so how much more if i push the workload more .
i guess that would make sense

anyway , i feel guilty not leaving you with atleast a sample animation , 
so this one should do 

by the way , i will be uploading some stuff in the coming days . this includes 
Halina's blowjob video . 

so that would be all for now .if you like my work , 
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Sunday, September 27, 2015

HURRAY!! it's finished !!

woohoo!!! it's finally finished !! this piece is ready for upload . again , it will be posted on the 3rd next month . make sure you guys complete your pledges for early access . you guys have been great .
below as screenshots

it's doe'snt look much because the climax scene took a lot of time to animate . i had to draw the effects , frame after frame . turned out to be the best i made so far . so there you have it . thanks to all of you and your support . 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

10/2015 project update

ok guys this project is coming near towards completion . altough i estimated to finish it by 15th this month but i guess i was wrong . but hey , i finished 11 scenes since my last update and that was a heck of a progress . i'm only missing two more scenes then i'll get to work on some re-touching

below are screenshots from the actual scenes : 

so there you have it . i'm pretty sure a lot of people are looking forward with it's completion . but we're still on schedule . should be uploaded on my patreon on the 3rd , next month . altough i should mention that it will be out on my NG,HF,this blog ,etc. my patrons made this project possible so they should be the first ones to have early access to it heh 

if you're still not a patron yet , i suggest you become one before the end of the month . and make sure you process your pledge . if you're ready , click HERE 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

10/2015 raffle draw

here it is . we got our result . tnx to all patrons who participated . congratz to the winner . i hope he reply asap . thanks to all all who participated

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

pinoytoons project updates

it's been a week since my last post here . and i promised to bring some news regarding my content . thing is i am working hard on it , and yes i admit , progress is slow . as you guys know  , i'm a one man studio and i am thankful to all of you patrons who's been patient with me . 

this post will be about two things ; a good news , and the bad news 



things are doing well with the short video of halina atm . i made quite a lot of progress with it , infact i just finished 7 more scenes in a short amount of time . i did rushed it  , but i am very happy with the result . i did wanted to make a minute long video but when i exported  it was actually longer than that . i would say that the whole right now is around 65% . meaning the this project may end up around 2 minute long . i can finish all needed scenes  this month but that would be rushing it up and decrease the quality towards the end . that would be a " turn-off " . i have no real ETA for this video when i started it but my best estimate would be around the the 15th of september  . afterwards i would need to make some editing . altough i must let you guys know that i will have to schedule the post on october 3rd on my patreon . file will be downloadable for all patrons . yes ,  you guys made this project possible so it's only just that you guys get to see it first hehe . but for now , i will have to leave you with screenshots:

i know i've been consistent in the past but this time it's for real . i'm saying this because this project is all me . no collaborators , no hassles , no talk shit . this is what you supported and this is what you'll get . i should have done this before so i'm very sorry for taking so long to make up my mind . 



as you people know , RC ( flash game ) has been very unstable since the begining . my programmer was sometimes hot and sometimes cold . i mentioned this in my older posts . just when i'm about to get revise the project and get rid of him , he got back to me . i gave him a chance and then later , he disappeared . i mean for good . i could not find his FB . i could'nt PM him anymore . it's either he blocked me or deleted his account . 

as you can see in the date , my last message was on august 5 . i get no reply from him afterwards . i checked after a few days and i noticed his profile pic being blank . i have no idea why he did that . i was patient with him . did'nt put pressure or anything . remember my flash , eyline's captivity . he did the programming . took him 2 months to deliver . well , i did admit that he's only doing my projects as sideline so i'm assuming that he could not keep up  . yes this is bad news for RC , but hear me out . RC will still go-on . it's just that it will be reduced to a narrative . no quest , items , exploration , etc .for those who became a patron because of the hopes of seeing a game , i will understand if you cancel your pledge . i failed to deliver and i'm deeply sorry about this . i wish i can refund you but the best i can do is create a content . you can still see my work for free so your past pledges are still not in vain .

so what would this RC narrative look like ? 

well , usually i do things in a video format . and i  was planning to do it that way if i lose the programmer , which i did . but given that i already made materials for the game , it would be a waste if i don't use it . so i decided to make RC an animated comic , but have that walkthrough flavor on it . it's really weird to be honest . but i guess nobody did that yet . it should be insteresting and new , i hope . this time , it's all me . no more bullshit 



as of now , i wanted to focus only on halina's video . but as i said earlier , it's still need more time . it's pretty hard to jump on and off two projects with that "mood" thing needs to be dealt with . especially now that i'm frustrated with RC . i wanted to finish halina first , then start fresh on RC . i guess by that time i'm fully recharged again . it's an artist thing and i don't wanna explain here :) 


so i guess that's it for this post . thanks to all of you patrons who supported me up to this day . i know pissed some of you and i apologize . 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

08/2015 raffle price : dexter's mom

ok first of all , I like the show . dexter's lab is one of my favorite cartoons. i would watch it at anytime of the day . but honestly , dexter's mom did'nt really caught my eye . the show is too funny and i've focused more on that . after working on this request , i just realized how cute and hot she is . atleast in my interpretation . click on the image for full view

this raffle is made possible tru . click HERE to join

08/2015 raffle price : togame and shichika

hey hey , how are you internet . i finally finished our winner's price . this time the winner requested togame and shichika from the anime , katanagatari . i'm not very familiar with the show but i did what i can to interpret the characters . maybe i should check it out also when i got the chance . i hope you guys like it and tnx to your continious support . 

this raffle is made possible tru patreon .com . click HERE to join

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

08/2015 raffle draw

alright , rock and roll to world !! whooo ... 

the deed has been done , we got new winners now . congratz to both

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

rogue courier

hi , my name is Rey . also known as "pinoytoons" . i'm a flash animator who likes to make NSFW stuff. i've done some animations in the past and a few mini hentai flashes . but now , i am venturing into game development . below are what is what i've already done and some are what i'm plan to do .

note: thanks to all the folks who already been a patron :D

Project title : Rogue Courier
Genre: arcade shooting,RPG,Simulation,Hentai

premiss: rogue courier occurs in a far away galaxy .a spacial war broke out and those survived became nobles . these nobles are rewarded with a heavenly body of their choosing .they are given priviledges but are still bound to pay taxes . one of these nobles is our main character , kouia . he retires being a warrior and bought a cargo ship , the euphoria .

a quick summary , count kouia is on a convoy piloting his cargo ship , took a break and found a girl
in the cargo which got him into trouble he then lost his job . and so , he is in debt and to pay for
it , he need to make money and became rogue courier who do shady and crazy jobs . along the way he found more girls so more trouble and more debt .but also , more NSFW stuff .

in this game you will be playing as count kouia as your main character . you will be doing space combat and micro managing your crew and resources and of course NSFW .you will also need to build relationships and make descisions .

the aim is to test how to behave and function as a person . you can expect that what ever you do has a consequence . good actions will get you in trouble and doing bad will get you more trouble


first i need to discuss is the modes . there will be 3 modes you will be playing :


cruising - in this mode you are basically in control of the ship . you will be mostly in this
mode during space combat . you will to need choose your weapons and other stuff during on/off
battle . and you can check the logs what your ques are . it also can be done during on/off
battle .


exploring - in this mode you are in control of the character itself . it can be your main
character , your crew , or some of your assets . you will be mostly in this mode during ,
ground combat , shopping , making money , getting contacts , goofing , and also try to get
laid .

traveling - in this mode you will be planning your journey and making your own path . there
will be mining ,scavenging,etc. , which you can find stuff to sell .you will also find your
self some fight in this mode if needed . you can also edit your stuff , check your logs ,
on/off battle


second is my proposed system to the game . i may still be missing some stuff but this should be it for now :



ARSENALS- there are 4 kinds of arsenals , absorbed , active, expendable ,passive . these
arsenals could be a weapon , skill , buff , etc .

   * absorbed is an item which is absorbed by the A shield and to be used as for offensive and
     defensive purposes . the more you absorb the more stuff you can use

   * active is a item/equpment installed in your ship . you will need to activated it when you need .it has          
      a cooldown . it maybe a loot , reward , or bought from merchant

   * expendable is also a special item installed in your ship , but limited with it's quantity .
     you can get this item by completing missions ,as loot , or buying it from a merchant

   * passive is an item or skill which when set . still it has to be set on the HUD to be used .

LOGS-there are 2 kinds of logs , campain and assignment . these are basically just messages
about to your missions

   * campain is related to the story line

   * mission are related to jobs you accepted


STATUS-it shows all the information about your ship , shield ,resources , crew , money ,debt,
and your honor points
   1. ship - have all you need to know about your ship .this can all be adjusted depending on
     the item you have installed and the level of skills your crew have .

   2. shield - shows how much hit points you have . it also serves as your "mana" in the game .
     when you activate a skill or an item during combat , the shield goes down . it
     can improve overtime on the course of the game tru item and by level up

   3. resources -shows how much you have in stock . this will dictate whether you can make
     a travel or not . basically , the more people in your ship , the more expenses you make .

   4. crew - shows how many people you have at your disposal . you will need to monitor and
     interact with them on the game . the crew's actions depends on their stats . if it's
     good, they stay , if it's bad , they will cause problem . there are 3 types of crew:
     -main crew is permanent
     -auxillary can be replaced or dismissed
     -proxi can be replaced or dismissed
     all crew types can do NSFW acts

   5. money - your earnings .

   6. tax debt -is the amount you need to pay up . if you reach a certain amount you will be
     arrested in certain places . this can be solved if you have a tribute to surrender so
     you can bail yourself out . if can't pay or surrender a tribute , the game is over

   7. honor points are gained by completing certain missions . each honor points has a value
     that can be used to pay your tax debt .can also be used to purchase items


INVENTORY - shows items gained as rewards , loot , purchase ,etc.

   1. ship - is where you install/un-install stuff you like to be used for your ship

   2. items - is where all the stuff you need or may not need . all items in this column
     can be sold to merchant

   3. character - is where you gear up you characters .


ASSETS - these are the not availble in the merchants . some of it can be sold and some are not .
all of it are necessary to help you succeed  on the game

   1. documents - these are only gained after winning in combat or scavenging . you can
      choose to surrender it to autorities and convert it to honor points . or you
      can also go to an npc to decrypt it . once the document is decrypted you will have to
      decide whether you accept the challenge or not . accepting the mission means you will be
      doing some vice. if you succeed , you can get a token and good money as reward . you
      also gain reputation points . however if you decline , the npc will destroy it .

   2. drones- these are essential during travel . each have a specific purposes to make a
      safer voyage in space . especially when you're doing missions , delays caused by sudden
      attack can cause damage to your ship and reduce your resources, which puts your mission
      in jeopardy . drones can get destroyed sometimes . you can get them by completing
      certain missions , scavenging , hustling . drones can be sold to merchant or exchanged
      for a token . the usage of drones occur mostly during travel mode .

   3. misc - these can be obtained by completing missions ,scavenging . can also be generated
      within your ship . can be exchanged for a token

   4. contacts - offers jobs randomly . the risk are high , but the reward is good .it could
      be a token , money , drones ,androids ,and honor points  . some jobs are related doing
      vice .the chance of getting an offer depends on your reputation points .

   5. androids - playable character and can be replaced in npc.can be used for hustling
      and can also be assigned as proxi crew . the value can increase or decrease depending
      how it's being handled . value is also increased upon level up .andoids can also do NSFW
      acts. you can own an android by purchasing it using tokens or a number of drones via npc .
      can be sold to contacts

   6. tributes - playable character but cannot be replaced . can be used for hustling . can
      be surrendered for bail outs . the value can increase or decrease depending how it's
      handled . can cause trouble depending how it's being handled but can be killed . value is
      increased upon lvl up . tributes can do NSFW acts . you will gain honor points if
      liberated . you can own a tribute if you reach a certain amount of honor points ,
      . or by completing a mission from a high profile contact . or by trading documents
      and misc stuff .

   7. tokens- used for entering secret clubs where you can meet high profile contacts . these
      specific contacts can give you jobs offers with very high rewards . some of them also look
      for documents , and misc stuff  . in return they give you a tribute . you can also
      goof around and do NSFW acts . you can also use a tribute , an android , and a crew
      to enter secret clubs . but cannot make new contacts .

   8. reputaion points- are gained when completing a job . the more points you have , the more
      job offers you can get . if busted , all reputation points will be reduced by 50 %

now about the travel mode . you will be moving on the tiles . each tiles represents a zone .
there are 3 types of areas which will decide your journey , occupied , hostile , safe zones .

each zones has a color :

blue - occupied
red - hostile
grey - safe

occupied zones - are zones which are controled by a settlement . it is safe to enter these
zones as long as you don't have a bad record within the vicinity . if you enter these zones
with a bad record , any encounter will be hostile . in these zones are NPC's are located

hostile zones - are the places for everybody , including the bad guys such as pirates , bounty
hunters . but in these are areas you can also make money like mining ,scavenging ,and hustling

safe zones - are zones which you go freely with no worries .


this is the euphoria's model

this shows the size of the ship



count kouia , also known as "the naughty hermit" is the owner and pilot of the cargo ship euphoria .when he's finacially unstable ,he occationally do courier job as deeds to pay tax for his property ,planet samok . as a war
veteran, he is a very skillfull fighter and pilot . he is also a master of asakasha dicipline which manipulates time,space,and gravity.but despite these qualities ,he is a very lazy individual .he only wants to slack a lot
and get laid . all this begun after his divorse with his ex-wife , lami .


is a subject of experiment by the lost clan "the ears" . a very rare specimen which considered to be immortal. she is also very ken of the universe's structure . after the dispersal of her clan , she was captured then sold to different owners until she was enslaved by the draco empire .someone plotted and kidnapped her and
eventually , she met kouia and became his navigator


a refugee from planet eulsivia . their vessel was attacked by space pirates and luckily, the euphoria was there to rescue her .very thankful and without nowhere else to go ,she then offered her mechanic skills and became an official crew member of the euphoria .


daughter of the high elven priest of duremida .on her child hood, she found an ancient scroll of forbiden knowledge containing medical and spiritual healing of all organisims.she studied it and kept it secret until she grew up. her vow was broken when her lover died in battle . she used her knowledge and brought him back to life . her kind banished her for performing such feat and she became a hermit in the forest . the euphoria seeked her skills and eventually , she joined the euphorian crew .


a bored chemistry teacher who wanted to find a new way of life .she been drifting from planet to planet and eventually became a wanted person  . she sought refuge in the euphoria and became the ship's chemist and cook .


one of the greatest product of the aeolian war . created by the UAA for war purposes.this android is more than equivalent to a super computer .she can analize and hack any kind of software within seconds .after the war, she was put in a lab to assist scientist on their experiments . over time , the artificial humanoid developed empathy.her superiors discovers it and wanted to get rid of her.but not all of them agreed .one of the scientist smuggled and turned her over to the euphoria .she then became the technician of the ship.


her origin is unknown . she is thought to have been existed since the early stage of the universe . the euphoria caught her attention and decided to joyride . she wanted to be on the front seat of the chaos which she predicted . despite her peculiar nature , she is a master of telekenisis .she is multi-lingual and very knowlegable . she became the diplomat for the euphoria
what to expect from the game?

hmm... that would be interesting . firstly there will be fighting, fighting, fighting , some cinematics ,and hentai . and yes ,.... there will be aliens . alien hentai ?... sure !! tentacles ... why not !! altough it's kinda hard to animate but i will do the best i can .  it's a very rich universe and there's a lot of stuff to explore . we can add futas,yuri ,and maybe a little bit of furry too . but not hardcore furry i still prefer to have human qualities to the characters . maybe just a furry undertone to the characters perhaps . yaoi?... nope . it will make me hate my job haha!! hopefully if things go well maybe we can add breeding , and a stock market system .


what's the progress ?

as far as i'm concerned , development is slow , due to the fact that i still need to make a living doing comissions . i have a patreon campain which helped me for the past months . if it reaches atleast the second milestone , i won't need to rely on comissions .  i will have more time to work on this project .
it's an ambitious game but i think it would be an awesome . but if you guys like the idea ,... support is very much welcome . shifting is never easy so every little push can move a big rock . and in the events that i won't be able to push it  to a game , i can still turn it into a hentai movie series . you can check out my patreon campain HERE . if you happen to be not be able help by  financial means , you can share this post on facebook . twitter , forums , or link it somewhere . spread the word .

these are links of my past updates :
these are links also related to RC:

you can also test cruise gameplay HERE

so that will be all .

tnx for your time