Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rogue Courier alpha test

okay guys , here is a new version of the Rogue Courier i am working at . there are still a few things to fix here is the BG at the tutorial stage is going the other way , and the graphics in the inventory during actual gameplay . the hyperlink at the  under-construction scene is not working properly . i did'nt post this version earlier this month cuz i was waiting for my programmer to fix it . sadly , he's been busy and i feel like i really need to post it anyway . bottom line is , we made some changes to the previous version so we testing it again .

changes made on this version :

-preloader is added
-cinematics is added
-tutorial scene at the begining
-stage has been widen-up from 600x600 to 800x600
-adjusted the enemy movement to half
-adjusted the shield cooldown from 10 to 4 seconds
-adjusted the spawn of enemies
-removed the bug/glitch when restarting stage 1

total file size is 5+mb so give it some time to load

i am currently done with ACT 2 cinematics . the only thing missing is the audio from a certain scene , i'm still waiting for the VA's recording atm . i'm not decided yet wether if i would post the next cinematic tho . i want to post a compiled version next time with scenes from ACT1,stage1,ACT2,stage2 . posting it feels like it would lose interest for stage 2 . but that's just me LOL !! i would need to hear you thought on this . please leave a comment down there if you want to see it :P

for more info on this game , click HERE

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  1. Your right this has improved I'm glad to see your bettering things to this level I only wish this project could get more exposure

    1. tnx . i'll figure something out regarding the promotion

  2. by far much better then the earlier version of the gameplay. this feels more like a first level.

  3. I haven't been visiting for a while lol, for some reasons I almost forgot that RC is still going on. This act 1 and stage 1 seems far better than the last version in gameplay, but still, bogeys coming from the bottom are annoying... maybe writing a fixed (and well-designed) enemy pattern for each stage would be a good idea. this gives you control of the difficulty curve. also this could be a way of telling the story. since ammo is extremely limited ppl will have to aim for a nice hit, you may want to give players the time and space to do this.

  4. game control is a bit uncomfortable btw, i think you can smooth the movement of the cargo ship a little bit, like a little acceleration and braking stuff, so the control will feel more realistic (but just a little, try not to over do this)