Tuesday, December 30, 2014

bulgy bulgy on blondie

a year ender loop . comissioned by AlCiao of HF . the idea came from him ofc . not really my fetish but it was fun to work with . you can also check out some of his stuff HERE

i am currently working back on the eyline collab . i had to put it on hold for some time due to the holidays . it sucks to have so much distraction . i also have plans to have the audio revisioned . i had vortex00 to review an audio sample and i must say that i agree that it has to be better . but it's ok , i can still save the moanings in my library for future use .

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

comissions status 12/26/14


                                           commisions are closed for now .

                                                 on going :dark piccolo

                                                **** waiting list****

                                                slot 1 : knightsnipe



Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rogue Courier alpha test

okay guys , here is a new version of the Rogue Courier i am working at . there are still a few things to fix here is the BG at the tutorial stage is going the other way , and the graphics in the inventory during actual gameplay . the hyperlink at the  under-construction scene is not working properly . i did'nt post this version earlier this month cuz i was waiting for my programmer to fix it . sadly , he's been busy and i feel like i really need to post it anyway . bottom line is , we made some changes to the previous version so we testing it again .

changes made on this version :

-preloader is added
-cinematics is added
-tutorial scene at the begining
-stage has been widen-up from 600x600 to 800x600
-adjusted the enemy movement to half
-adjusted the shield cooldown from 10 to 4 seconds
-adjusted the spawn of enemies
-removed the bug/glitch when restarting stage 1

total file size is 5+mb so give it some time to load

i am currently done with ACT 2 cinematics . the only thing missing is the audio from a certain scene , i'm still waiting for the VA's recording atm . i'm not decided yet wether if i would post the next cinematic tho . i want to post a compiled version next time with scenes from ACT1,stage1,ACT2,stage2 . posting it feels like it would lose interest for stage 2 . but that's just me LOL !! i would need to hear you thought on this . please leave a comment down there if you want to see it :P

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

mars with paladin

i got myself once again another quicky comission . i run short of budget so i accepted it  . this one came from a comissioner  will be hidden in the name of Will. i know there are folks out there that's been watching out for me to open comission . the thing is ,... people in my list has this long ass comissions that cannot be finish in a minimum of 2 weeks . some of them could take months . having said that , i do these loops whenever i'm having some waiting going with the current comissioner .

anyway , i will be posting a complied version of the RC in a few days . it is the fixed version of it along with the cinematic . so watch out for that

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Miss Claus

x'mas is coming so i made something quick for you guys

to be honest , i don't believe santa claus exist . for me he's just an invention , but in respect to the occation , i'm glad to participate hehe .

having that said , i imagine santa claus having a daughter , a bored and perverted daughter . she would sneak into the workshop and lure some of her dad's goblin workers, and fuck em . LOL

oh well , i could'nt say much now but ,..... happy holidays !!

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Friday, December 5, 2014

HUSH HUSH preview

this is a preview from a flash game i made called HUSH HUSH . comissioned exclusively by novus media Inc . for 3dfuckhouse.com . i must remind you that it's a paysite so if you wanna see it , you better have the "means" to see it . the comissioner intends to make another episode of this game . if things go well then there will be a total of 5 episodes . the story revolves around a woman who puts herself in an awkward situation .

anyways, i hope you guys like this loop ( even if it's only a preview ) ^_^ .

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