Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rogue Courier update # 7

hi guys , it is time for some update once again . just wanted to post another preview for eyline/RC crossover . all  main scenes are animated already but sadly , it is still not ready . i need to color them all just like this one here  . also , i get the feeling that i should add more scenes just to make it more interactive . i have a few ideas like adding options to have a different angle , pleasure meter , etc . it depends .i am just concern what my patrons are thinking right now . 

so far i don't get feedbacks regarding my activity as a content provider . i am a bit concious  if i'm doing fine . i mean , if i polish everything  , it means posting the final product would take more time .also if i do something different aside from RC like some new loop or pic also means i have less time for the main project as well .  for now i can only post previews like this . so what do you think guys ? are you okay with these previews ? or do you also like to see some extra stuff ? 

please leave a comment if you can . 

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  1. i hope there won't be just eyline/RC , you are doing really good. Just make it long and add a lot of positions and different angles, thank you

  2. Looks great, the previews are fantastic. I'd say keep showing more!

  3. I think you should finish the main game stuff before doing crossovers. you are doing extra stuff before the original stuff is even finished. It almost sounds like you have more animation of eyeline than animations or your own characters. Or at least equal.

    1. i am also working on the main RC . i will post an update on that soon