Saturday, November 29, 2014

full nelson with ingrid

here is another quicky short comission . it's the bombshell warrior from the movie series Makai Kishi Ingrid . yep that one is hot . i really liked the idea so i took it . i tried my best to get the original model tho but idk , it depends how you guys depict her . 

i hope you enjoyed watching this piece . and thanks to HF user named Ruichi for being a generous comissioner .

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cute Futas

miss fortune and haruhi suzumiya with a dick !! yay !!

these are some quick short comissions i did a while back from the same person  . did'nt post it earlier since i was too busy doing a lot of stuff . i just thought it would be good to post something now while i'm still working with the RC .

i really can't say much atm but thank you for visiting my blog . so that would be all for now . i'll be back for some more very soon .

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rogue Courier update # 8

greetings to all the patrons and followers of RC . it is time for an update once again . just as you thought you won't be seeing something from the main game for a while ,.... well here it is , captured images from EP 1 ACT 2  cinematic. i somehow managed to jump into these scenes while i am doing the eyline crossover . some of them have already been animated . pretty much , the ones which don't have dialogues .

me and my programmer are compiling the the cinematics and the new version of the game . will be posting it as soon as it's ready . just need do some adjustments and add more audio .

as for the eyline collab , i already had the audio done by radiodiva in this link HERE . tnx to the HF user O89 who sponsored it . i guess i can save some patreon funds for this month :D .although there are still some scenes not colored yet but i am working on that . 

i am getting slow again since i still need to take atleast some short comissions so i can eat LOL . holiday is also coming real soon and i would need to prepare that as well . that being said , please be patient with me hehe . i planned to finish this game by this month but due to RL stuff , i failed . i just hope that you guys are'nt disappointed . 

i would still post some other stuff in the coming days to make up for this

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halina WP copy

ok guys , here is Halina once again from the project i'm working on called Rogue Courier . this one was actually done for the 50 USD pledger in my patreon page . original size is 1920 x 1080 . it's been a while now since i gave away that version . 

this was done in flash cs3 using gradients . no brushing tool used in this piece . just a bunch of soft colors layered to make the cell shaded effect . 

for those who's not familiar with the RC just explore the blog hehe .

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rogue Courier update # 7

hi guys , it is time for some update once again . just wanted to post another preview for eyline/RC crossover . all  main scenes are animated already but sadly , it is still not ready . i need to color them all just like this one here  . also , i get the feeling that i should add more scenes just to make it more interactive . i have a few ideas like adding options to have a different angle , pleasure meter , etc . it depends .i am just concern what my patrons are thinking right now . 

so far i don't get feedbacks regarding my activity as a content provider . i am a bit concious  if i'm doing fine . i mean , if i polish everything  , it means posting the final product would take more time .also if i do something different aside from RC like some new loop or pic also means i have less time for the main project as well .  for now i can only post previews like this . so what do you think guys ? are you okay with these previews ? or do you also like to see some extra stuff ? 

please leave a comment if you can . 

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