Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rouge Courier update # 6

i am currently animating the scenes for the eyline H-part . above is just a sample .there are around 9 main scenes for this short game but  , idk  , i feel like i'm rushing it .

i only posted only 1 scene cuz i don't wanna be a spoiler of my own content lol . ETA for all animations should next month . that is if i don't get laid from now on .  i tend to lose my horniness when i get laid which affect my drive to work :( . i am better on these stuff when i'm horny to be honest .

comissions ques are all cleared at this point and i don't think i would be taking any atm . i really need to spend time with my RC . maybe in the following months i will , but not now !!! LOL

anyway if you like my work and generous to help the project you can click HERE !!

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