Friday, October 3, 2014

Rogue Courier update # 4

ok , so i got myself designing the dracos . these are reptilian race which kouia refers to as , " lizards " . but they're not lizards actually . just a another type of reptile specie , and they can fly :D  . yes these characters are gonna play an important role in the RC . if there's a protagonist , then these guys are the antagonist . and there's a lot of hentai stuff with them LOL . if you noticed , i kept the "human like" looks on these characters . i said in my old post , i not making hardcore furry . but i'm happy with what i came up with

so what am I up to ATM ?... i'm almost done revising my script for ACT 2 and 3 . i am also working on a the leica for these Dracos . what makes this exciting is it's gonna be a crossover with Eyline Avari . she's a popular OC in Hentai-Foundry . owner was easy to talk to , and agreed enthusiastic .

so that's coming up . altough it will take awhile so please be patient .

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