Sunday, September 7, 2014

rogue courier episode 1 act 1

this is the first cinematics for the game . i decided to post this as a preview . i need to be active on other sites and raise awareness . this is the hardest part to be honest , "promotion" . as a content creator , i need audiences . the more , the better . people like you are the reason why this blog still exist .

after this post i will find my self chained to the comissions once again . maybe in 2 weeks or more .
got some real life issues atm and it really needs attention really bad . i hope you guys would stick around till i get back .

anyway , i'm getting some advise from different people regarding my project since it has some NFSW
stuff on it . im potentially putting my self  at risk both legally and production related . i was thinking of making some options . one idea is to have the hentai stuff outside of the main game itself . like a filler game which also part of the story , but optional to be played . which can also reduce my workload and the programmer too

since it would be separated , i may leave the main games's cinematics as a flat colored since that part is really time consuming too . then fully cell shaded on the hentai parts . basically , there would be 2 games but works as one project .i hope that would make sense LOL . and yet this is still just a thought . so far , this project is attracting hentai fans and non-hentai fans which is good . we'll find out how far we can go

so what do you think? please let me know by leaving a comment

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  1. You have just earned a permanent fan hentai or no that was great

  2. okay so first of all there is some grammar mistakes (clearly it's "people have" not " people has"), secondly I think the voices are a bit unnatural, but that's not a major problem, actually having voices is better than most flash games. I still prefer Halina in her see-through little cape though, like the one she wore in her concept art. this one in the trailer looks a bit cheap to me.

    1. im scanning the web for someone to assist me with the script for the next part . i do have tough time in regards with the script . i needed to make some adjustments on the cape since the video got public .need to get some exposure . maybe in the final product i may decide to have it see through . it depends .....