Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rogue Courier test

ok guys . this is just a test to know what you think of the game . i must note , that this is not the complete game . i wanted to post this just to let you guys try it out before i proceed deeper to the develpoment of the game

now for the basic gameplay . the ship in this stage has no fire arms yet . you will need to use the ship's shield to absorb projectiles and shoot it back to the enemy . but try not get hit a lot cuz the shield is being generated overtime . if you lose all shield , you're pawned !!

you can see the shield's status below is the circle with the blue color . once it's full you dont take damage. but it will reduce the shield . the next time you get hit , it will be deducted to your HP.

right beside the shield , you can see 6 squares , that would be your inventory . it will be filled evertime you absorb any projectile . once your slot is filled then you can shoot back .

here are the controls


t-slot 1
y-slot 2
u-slot 3
i-slot 4
o-slot 5
p-slot 6

(the restart when you lose is quite buggy . if that happens just refresh the page)

please do leave a comment so we would know what we need to be fixed . i would need you guys to be involved this time . i will be posting another blog for what's coming up regarding to the game

anyway tnx to all the patrons constantly supported me . you guys are awesome !!

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  1. the enemies zipping across the screen super fast and killing you in one hit is really frustrating when you are trying to line up a shot.
    They reeeeeeally need to be slowed down. It is nearly unplayable.

    Basically you only have one shot because if you absorb another shot before the shield is at full you lose HP.

    if you wait too long you will be out numbered.
    and if you position yourself you shoot a enemy ship. It is likely that you will be clipped from the side of the screen by a another ship going at max speed.

    And if you manage to dodge it you will probably run into a random enemy projectile.

    I also noticed the damage is cumulative.
    for example if you take 10 damage from the first shot. the next shot you get hit by of the same color will do 20 damage to you and the next shot will do like 30.

    is it supposed to be like that ? that could be what is breaking the game for me.

    I haven't been able to complete it after about 15 tries.
    I'll try it again later. The furthest I got was 3 ships killed. But since bullets start randomly spawning in, it makes it more complicated than it should be.

    I do like how different bullets affects the ship differently. I noticed the green bullet slows you down a lot. it is good for strategy when deciding what to absorb and what to try to dodge.

    the restart button needs to be assigned to a keyboard button also. so users will not have to use the mouse to restart the game.

    But yeah just fix the random bullets shooting at you, and fix the damage that they do to the ship and you should be good to go.

    1. tnx . nice feedback from a game developer . it's quite hard too hehe . maybe slowdown both enemy and mainship will do the trick

      the damage is related to the missing shield points . for example , if your shield is 70% . the missing 30% will be deducted to your hp . thats the idea . so the percentage is missing the more damage you can get .

    2. tnx also for the suggestion on the restart thing issue . will apply that on the next update

  2. This is not an easy game by no means... Between the random bullets from nowhere, the SLOW SHIELD RECHARGE TIME, and the ships that fly out at you at the speed of light.... its a bit tough. My biggest problem is how your shield has to be at full for it to absorb damage... now that would be fine if the recharge rate didn't take a year or so to get back up. By the time it is full, you are either surrounded or worse... the random bullets from nowhereville begin to show up. The design is great, the controls are smooth, but it is just far to hard to enjoy.

    1. i see your concern . will fix the cooldown of the shield and speed . tnx for your feedback

  3. It's a bit hard because normally mobs come out from the top of the screen (that's why you have your spaceship pointed upward), so it doesn't really make sense to have random mobs spawning everywhere. It's ok to make them spawn from somewhere else, but you have to be logical and consistent, i.e. you drive the player upwards before you send mobs from the bottom. This is a five-second opinion.

    1. i see your point . we'll put that into consideration . thanks for the feedback :D

    2. If you know about the Touhou Series, I personally think that's the best 2d-STG ever. The point is to put some pattern in enemy projectiles (and the movement of enemy themselves), which makes the difficulty curve much more controllable. But then again this requires careful design, so it maybe a bit hard to accomplish though. If you guys can't design very well-balanced enemy moves, I suggest you make it easier.

  4. I'm going to be blunt because I really like the story and animations I've seen so far, and I think this idea has great potential! Compared to the animations, the gameplay is way below par right now, and the programming is pretty glitchy. When I kill an enemy and then die, the game over screen has bullets appearing, and when I retry after this I can't even move the ship up and down anymore. Also, when enemies are killed they continue firing, so random bullets appear on screen (where I think the invisible "killed" ships are still flying around).

    But these issues aren't the biggest problem. Unfortunately, the gameplay is more frustrating than fun right now. The "safe zone" for your ship is the center of the screen, and this doesn't give you much time to see or dodge the ships flying in. The six shooting buttons are too complicated and don't really add anything to the game - making the spacebar shoot the next slot with a bullet would make a lot more sense, and I think you should probably just remove the inventory completely. Simple design is usually more fun, so if your shield was "charged" with a bullet and could only fire once, I think that would be a more intuitive design.

    I also think the "safe zone" should be at the bottom of the screen, so ships can't appear from this direction. Starting the player ship near the bottom means you'll always have time to react, especially if you are designing the game to be widescreen. Is there a reason that the game and animations are square right now? Most computers use widescreen formats these days, so that's a lot of black space on the edges.

    The other issue that you need to tackle soon is explaining the game with gameplay (no text). Until I read the description below, I had no idea how to shoot back. Sound effects and keyboard button displays can help with this, but I also think the shooting needs to be simpler than it is right now. If it isn't intuitive, especially in the first level, people are quickly going to get frustrated. Trust me, I've been making flash games for a while.

    By the way, do you have a programmer / game designer helping you on this project? I think I could code something up in a week with a lot of the ideas I described above, and maybe even include your art. If you want to chat, let me know a better way to contact you. My adult account on Newgrounds is nulcul, if you want to PM me there.

    Anyway, I'm a big fan of your work on Newgrounds, and I'm really looking forward to this game. The episode 1 act 1 cinematic is really top notch! :)

  5. you made a good point on the game's starting . i have'nt realize it until now . but i will consider to work on that part .

    the inventory is essential for the later part of the game cuz there would be different kinds of mob on the game . the ship would have the ability to use those skills and projectiles .

    i do have a programmer atm . the development is still slow atm cuz i need to finish comissions . hopefully after i cleared all my ques i can focus more on the game .

    tnx for the feedback