Sunday, October 6, 2013

GITS comission

this is a hentai comission  based on GITS . personally i really like the idea and i'm a fan of the anime myself . it's around 3 minutes of hentai action going on and already on production

on my previous works such as regale and futas for you . people are complaing about the audio ,the absence of background , ground shadow , depth , extra details ,secondary action ,etc . truth is , i want to deliver those as well but it really need resources . i know , sound like a sell-out so i'm inviting anybody who is willing to contribute on this project . background artist and voice actor/actress please keep in touch . people willing to help financially are very welcome . any amount added to the comissioners offer goes to that "extra quality" . and of course these people get extra give aways .

current budget for this project is 1.2k usd for the quality like futas for you . to surpass that , it need 3k usd to improve only the animation . it's a five month production if budget reached that amount . if not i can add some extra scenes or extra transitions , speed , etc . if it reaches beyond the given price then it can be turned into a game . there are many options to do with the extra budget . otherwise if nobody wants to contributes then it's still gonna be produced but in the same quality like futas for you .

background and audio is another concern so if anyone wants to contribute specifically on these stuff please let me know .

if you are interested on this project please mail me at