Thursday, September 5, 2013

futas for you

this pic here is an actual frame from a comsissioned hentai video i produced .
it took me almost 2 months in the making and it was fun , but also very stressful. so far it was my longest media i ever made . i created my own art style of these three bleach characters . youruichi , rangiku ,and haineko .
for me being straight , futas in real life are wierd and quite gross at some instances. but in 2d , they really look hot and interesting . maybe if i'm not sober ,or perhaps high or drunk ,... i might wanna dig some futa .yeah,... everybody would muhahaha .   

"beauty is seen through the eyes of the beer holder"

interested comissioners :


  1. Just curious, what would be the price range on this kind of commission?

    1. Btw, forgot to say, good animation and art skills, keep it up ;)

  2. it depends on the detail and animation quality .ranging $1.5k-4k . copyright is not included . if someone wants it not posted in any site then the price is doubled .

  3. hello, nice toons
    I tried to imitate:

  4. A masterpiece! Should try to change Yoruichi to Orihime and keep the same animations!