Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eyline Avari vs. The Naughty Hermit (collab)

original characters of eyline avari and me

Eyline Avari (front) is an agent/operative of the Paranormal Investigations Unit (PIU), a government agency similar to the current-day FBI or CIA. The PIU deals primarily with abnormalities and unexplainables, including monsters and interdimensional rifts.

The Naughty Hermit (back) is a renegade carnal tought that left his host and become an unstoppable dimensional warrior . but despite of his godlike abilities , he have only one goal in his existence . find hot women and have sex .

"i was just experimenting on my version of this hot character when suddenly i got inspired and this is the result . i'm suppose to make an animation loop with her tho" .

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