Friday, June 14, 2013

eyline avari vs the naughty hermit (timelapse video)

here is the making of my first collab . i use flash cs3 .yes the title says it all i draw using mouse .

Thursday, June 13, 2013

cute and sexy fairy

commisioned by : georgecnm

Eyline Avari vs. The Naughty Hermit (collab)

original characters of eyline avari and me

Eyline Avari (front) is an agent/operative of the Paranormal Investigations Unit (PIU), a government agency similar to the current-day FBI or CIA. The PIU deals primarily with abnormalities and unexplainables, including monsters and interdimensional rifts.

The Naughty Hermit (back) is a renegade carnal tought that left his host and become an unstoppable dimensional warrior . but despite of his godlike abilities , he have only one goal in his existence . find hot women and have sex .

"i was just experimenting on my version of this hot character when suddenly i got inspired and this is the result . i'm suppose to make an animation loop with her tho" .

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

commision status


                                           commisions are closed for now .

                                                 on going :deed345

                                                **** waiting list****

                                                slot 1 :closed

                                                 -adam k


                                           (sigh) finally a fair conversation
                             if you did not came from HF click here for pricing:

Friday, June 7, 2013



this is my first indie hentai video . it took me around 3 months to finish this project since i also have to do my dayjob. i can only work on producing my stuff when i have a free time. i'm a workaholic person and my gf hates it . yeah ,.. girls LOL . anyway this piece is done by 1 man . ofc,.. me. i did the writing ,animation ,sound and video editing , except the vocals . i just got that vocals from an adult video .

for a 1 man team with very less free time this is what i can offer .if i had the funds and a team, you can only imagine what i can come up with .sadly, i had to finish it ASAP while my inspiration is there . eventually i would give up finishing a project when the motivation is gone . adding to this it is the fact that this is a no budget and non-profit project ,so taking too long is not an option to me . i had so many things i want to do . i want to produce more art and this lifetime is not enough if you dig what i'm saying .

the naughty hermit is still in development stage , i need to work on the main story . i can't just make him pop up out of nowhere and screw thing around randomly . it would look like the generic fix the printer/pizza delivery thing . i don't wan't it to be like that . please leave a commnet if there is something that you can suggest or help with .