Thursday, April 25, 2013

the naughty hermit

the cosmos,...

a big place consists by diverse activities

but among all of these things ,

one thing is considered to be ,.. most precious ,....

information ...

everybody is scrambling it's seizure

becoming a source of chaos

sometimes it has to be kept discrete

protected .....

and that is my job

i am kouia ...

the rogue courier

The naughty hermit has finally emerged from his deep solitude . And now he's ready to plunder and share mischief with every body . MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

basically this character is pretty much my OC (original character) . also can be considered as my mascot for my upcoming projects. i had made a few videos on it but somehow it did'nt progress that much so i decided to turn him into an "adult content" entity .

some of the people that i knew in RL mistakenly think that it's actually me . but it's not , this sucker here is perhaps a part of me but not really me in general .

so the idea is , this guy is actually a carnal tought from my conciusness . and after the years of sex hunting , his host (me) decided to practice fidelity . so you know what comes next , he got suppressed all the time . eventually he got spilled out and lost his bond with his host. altough he's still connected to it but they stop working together. now , kuya end up somewhere in a different dimension and started to learn about the universe in a way that the physical world would'nt understand . he met a lot of characters , spirits ,demons,angels,aliens,all kinds of entities you name it . he learn all thier ways and become powerful . he can create/destroy things using his will . he started using these skills to manifest his own body (so he can be able to feel,since he's only a tought). one day he got recruited by a pleiadian , trained him and sent him to war (in a different reality ofc) . as a reward for surviving the war with his comrads . they were given a gift called the "akasashic vault" . this AV is a dimensional space pocket which basically creates space where they can store anything , they can go inside it and viceversa , create access anywhere in any dimentional plain , and summon anything , channel powers of the unknown .

even by attaining this so called "godlike powers" . he's not intersted in control and conquering the multiverse and make himself a god . he prefer exploring the wonders of the cosmos , especially women

now . i hope this explains the character and solve the misunderstandings . please leave your comments on what you think .


  1. Very well worded out and explained. I thought it was you but the skin tone was a bit uhhhh... whiter, anyways hope you make more of those flashes and good luck. P.S. create back-ups for your flashes.

    1. tnx . i'm currently working on making some passive income so i can have more time producing these projects. it may take some time but i will do my best :)

  2. That's what I like to hear, determination and a plan lol. I'll be waiting and watching you progress in your work so do you're best and take your time there is no rush (I think... hmmm) well for me that is lol.

  3. Is the shadow thing a yami yugi reference (Season 0 yu-gi-oh)? It looks suspiciously similar. I think it's clever :D