Sunday, October 6, 2013

GITS comission

this is a hentai comission  based on GITS . personally i really like the idea and i'm a fan of the anime myself . it's around 3 minutes of hentai action going on and already on production

on my previous works such as regale and futas for you . people are complaing about the audio ,the absence of background , ground shadow , depth , extra details ,secondary action ,etc . truth is , i want to deliver those as well but it really need resources . i know , sound like a sell-out so i'm inviting anybody who is willing to contribute on this project . background artist and voice actor/actress please keep in touch . people willing to help financially are very welcome . any amount added to the comissioners offer goes to that "extra quality" . and of course these people get extra give aways .

current budget for this project is 1.2k usd for the quality like futas for you . to surpass that , it need 3k usd to improve only the animation . it's a five month production if budget reached that amount . if not i can add some extra scenes or extra transitions , speed , etc . if it reaches beyond the given price then it can be turned into a game . there are many options to do with the extra budget . otherwise if nobody wants to contributes then it's still gonna be produced but in the same quality like futas for you .

background and audio is another concern so if anyone wants to contribute specifically on these stuff please let me know .

if you are interested on this project please mail me at

Thursday, September 5, 2013

futas for you

this pic here is an actual frame from a comsissioned hentai video i produced .
it took me almost 2 months in the making and it was fun , but also very stressful. so far it was my longest media i ever made . i created my own art style of these three bleach characters . youruichi , rangiku ,and haineko .
for me being straight , futas in real life are wierd and quite gross at some instances. but in 2d , they really look hot and interesting . maybe if i'm not sober ,or perhaps high or drunk ,... i might wanna dig some futa .yeah,... everybody would muhahaha .   

"beauty is seen through the eyes of the beer holder"

interested comissioners :

Friday, June 14, 2013

eyline avari vs the naughty hermit (timelapse video)

here is the making of my first collab . i use flash cs3 .yes the title says it all i draw using mouse .

Thursday, June 13, 2013

cute and sexy fairy

commisioned by : georgecnm

Eyline Avari vs. The Naughty Hermit (collab)

original characters of eyline avari and me

Eyline Avari (front) is an agent/operative of the Paranormal Investigations Unit (PIU), a government agency similar to the current-day FBI or CIA. The PIU deals primarily with abnormalities and unexplainables, including monsters and interdimensional rifts.

The Naughty Hermit (back) is a renegade carnal tought that left his host and become an unstoppable dimensional warrior . but despite of his godlike abilities , he have only one goal in his existence . find hot women and have sex .

"i was just experimenting on my version of this hot character when suddenly i got inspired and this is the result . i'm suppose to make an animation loop with her tho" .

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

commision status


                                           commisions are closed for now .

                                                 on going :deed345

                                                **** waiting list****

                                                slot 1 :closed

                                                 -adam k


                                           (sigh) finally a fair conversation
                             if you did not came from HF click here for pricing:

Friday, June 7, 2013



this is my first indie hentai video . it took me around 3 months to finish this project since i also have to do my dayjob. i can only work on producing my stuff when i have a free time. i'm a workaholic person and my gf hates it . yeah ,.. girls LOL . anyway this piece is done by 1 man . ofc,.. me. i did the writing ,animation ,sound and video editing , except the vocals . i just got that vocals from an adult video .

for a 1 man team with very less free time this is what i can offer .if i had the funds and a team, you can only imagine what i can come up with .sadly, i had to finish it ASAP while my inspiration is there . eventually i would give up finishing a project when the motivation is gone . adding to this it is the fact that this is a no budget and non-profit project ,so taking too long is not an option to me . i had so many things i want to do . i want to produce more art and this lifetime is not enough if you dig what i'm saying .

the naughty hermit is still in development stage , i need to work on the main story . i can't just make him pop up out of nowhere and screw thing around randomly . it would look like the generic fix the printer/pizza delivery thing . i don't wan't it to be like that . please leave a commnet if there is something that you can suggest or help with .

Thursday, April 25, 2013

the naughty hermit

the cosmos,...

a big place consists by diverse activities

but among all of these things ,

one thing is considered to be ,.. most precious ,....

information ...

everybody is scrambling it's seizure

becoming a source of chaos

sometimes it has to be kept discrete

protected .....

and that is my job

i am kouia ...

the rogue courier

The naughty hermit has finally emerged from his deep solitude . And now he's ready to plunder and share mischief with every body . MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

basically this character is pretty much my OC (original character) . also can be considered as my mascot for my upcoming projects. i had made a few videos on it but somehow it did'nt progress that much so i decided to turn him into an "adult content" entity .

some of the people that i knew in RL mistakenly think that it's actually me . but it's not , this sucker here is perhaps a part of me but not really me in general .

so the idea is , this guy is actually a carnal tought from my conciusness . and after the years of sex hunting , his host (me) decided to practice fidelity . so you know what comes next , he got suppressed all the time . eventually he got spilled out and lost his bond with his host. altough he's still connected to it but they stop working together. now , kuya end up somewhere in a different dimension and started to learn about the universe in a way that the physical world would'nt understand . he met a lot of characters , spirits ,demons,angels,aliens,all kinds of entities you name it . he learn all thier ways and become powerful . he can create/destroy things using his will . he started using these skills to manifest his own body (so he can be able to feel,since he's only a tought). one day he got recruited by a pleiadian , trained him and sent him to war (in a different reality ofc) . as a reward for surviving the war with his comrads . they were given a gift called the "akasashic vault" . this AV is a dimensional space pocket which basically creates space where they can store anything , they can go inside it and viceversa , create access anywhere in any dimentional plain , and summon anything , channel powers of the unknown .

even by attaining this so called "godlike powers" . he's not intersted in control and conquering the multiverse and make himself a god . he prefer exploring the wonders of the cosmos , especially women

now . i hope this explains the character and solve the misunderstandings . please leave your comments on what you think .