Monday, January 19, 2015

Jessie Winters

hi guys . it's been quiet in my blog for a while so i needed to post something quick.

this is an OC named jessie winters . a quick comission i made a few days ago . i don't have much info about this character but she's kinda interesting . she's like from a fututristic scenario where the air is not good for breathing so that human's need to wear gas mask. 

it's not my fote tho but it's nice to draw SFW comissions sometimes . it tells me that i'm not just for doing pervy stuff . tnx to the guy who comissioned this

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Monday, January 12, 2015

01/2015 raffle price : E'lara

ok guys . i know some of you you have been waiting for this months raffle price so here it is . !!!

E'lara , she's an OC from pandora's pleasure by 3Dxart 
done in adobe flash cs3 using gradients 
(click the pic for full view)

i was hoping to emulate the original but this is the farthest i can go :D . i'm not really an expert when it comes to portrait type of drawings but i'm happy with what i came up with  . i really suck at modeling the face . 

it was fun to work with tho . i had a boner muhahaha

and congratulations again to Zach for winning the first raffle !! 

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

01/2015 raffle draw


so here it is .. congratulations to the winner  !! :D

i decided to upload this as raw even tho the audio is not synching with the video . i guess i have to get a better camera . come to think of it , i think this would be better if done in livestream . i should have thought of it before i started this raffle thing . i will look into that after this post . 

tnx to all the patrons who participated i hope to see your names again on next months raffle

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

01/2015 raffle entry

happy new year to all of you !!  

this will be my first post for 2015 

above is the list of patrons who have succesfully proccessed thier pledges . in honor to that , i will have it raffled and the winner will have the chance to request a piece according to thier pledge . 

so how does it work? ..

each patron has an assigned number . i will draw 2 digit number and whoever's number is it , he/she is the winner . i will have it in video btw so everyone can see . ETA probably until tomorrow 

i did this already in newgrounds some time ago for free .so why not do it for the patreons . consider this effort as my appreciation for your continous support . RC atm is slow paced cuz of me doing comissions and my programmer is busy as hell . i guess , this is one of my attempt of making it up to you guys . it's not much but it should'nt be bad either . after all , it adds some inter-activity between me and my patrons so still,...WIN WIN :D

the method for assigning numbers might not be desirable to some tho . if i have the choice i would have the patrons pick their number . sadly enough , i have no idea how to do that  . if so , i would also need to wait for patrons to fill it it up before i can draw a winner . so it's a bit of an issue regarding to time . i could have write down each name in a piece of paper but that would be a hassle . if you have a suggestion please let me know in the comment section below

this raffle will occur monthly . the winner will not be included in the next raffle to to avoid winning consecutively ( it happens sometimes ) . however, he/she will be included again after the que is over

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

bulgy bulgy on blondie

a year ender loop . comissioned by AlCiao of HF . the idea came from him ofc . not really my fetish but it was fun to work with . you can also check out some of his stuff HERE

i am currently working back on the eyline collab . i had to put it on hold for some time due to the holidays . it sucks to have so much distraction . i also have plans to have the audio revisioned . i had vortex00 to review an audio sample and i must say that i agree that it has to be better . but it's ok , i can still save the moanings in my library for future use .

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

comissions status 12/26/14


                                           commisions are closed for now .

                                                 on going :dark piccolo

                                                **** waiting list****

                                                slot 1 : knightsnipe



Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rogue Courier alpha test

okay guys , here is a new version of the Rogue Courier i am working at . there are still a few things to fix here is the BG at the tutorial stage is going the other way , and the graphics in the inventory during actual gameplay . the hyperlink at the  under-construction scene is not working properly . i did'nt post this version earlier this month cuz i was waiting for my programmer to fix it . sadly , he's been busy and i feel like i really need to post it anyway . bottom line is , we made some changes to the previous version so we testing it again .

changes made on this version :

-preloader is added
-cinematics is added
-tutorial scene at the begining
-stage has been widen-up from 600x600 to 800x600
-adjusted the enemy movement to half
-adjusted the shield cooldown from 10 to 4 seconds
-adjusted the spawn of enemies
-removed the bug/glitch when restarting stage 1

total file size is 5+mb so give it some time to load

i am currently done with ACT 2 cinematics . the only thing missing is the audio from a certain scene , i'm still waiting for the VA's recording atm . i'm not decided yet wether if i would post the next cinematic tho . i want to post a compiled version next time with scenes from ACT1,stage1,ACT2,stage2 . posting it feels like it would lose interest for stage 2 . but that's just me LOL !! i would need to hear you thought on this . please leave a comment down there if you want to see it :P

for more info on this game , click HERE

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