Sunday, September 27, 2015

HURRAY!! it's finished !!

woohoo!!! it's finally finished !! this piece is ready for upload . again , it will be posted on the 3rd next month . make sure you guys complete your pledges for early access . you guys have been great .
below as screenshots

it's doe'snt look much because the climax scene took a lot of time to animate . i had to draw the effects , frame after frame . turned out to be the best i made so far . so there you have it . thanks to all of you and your support . 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

09/2015 project update

ok guys this project is coming near towards completion . altough i estimated to finish it by 15th this month but i guess i was wrong . but hey , i finished 11 scenes since my last update and that was a heck of a progress . i'm only missing two more scenes then i'll get to work on some re-touching

below are screenshots from the actual scenes : 

so there you have it . i'm pretty sure a lot of people are looking forward with it's completion . but we're still on schedule . should be uploaded on my patreon on the 3rd , next month . altough i should mention that it will be out on my NG,HF,this blog ,etc. my patrons made this project possible so they should be the first ones to have early access to it heh 

if you're still not a patron yet , i suggest you become one before the end of the month . and make sure you process your pledge . if you're ready , click HERE 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

09/2015 raffle draw


here it is . we got our result . tnx to all patrons who participated . congratz to the winner . i hope he reply asap . thanks to all all who participated

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

pinoytoons project updates

it's been a week since my last post here . and i promised to bring some news regarding my content . thing is i am working hard on it , and yes i admit , progress is slow . as you guys know  , i'm a one man studio and i am thankful to all of you patrons who's been patient with me . 

this post will be about two things ; a good news , and the bad news 



things are doing well with the short video of halina atm . i made quite a lot of progress with it , infact i just finished 7 more scenes in a short amount of time . i did rushed it  , but i am very happy with the result . i did wanted to make a minute long video but when i exported  it was actually longer than that . i would say that the whole right now is around 65% . meaning the this project may end up around 2 minute long . i can finish all needed scenes  this month but that would be rushing it up and decrease the quality towards the end . that would be a " turn-off " . i have no real ETA for this video when i started it but my best estimate would be around the the 15th of september  . afterwards i would need to make some editing . altough i must let you guys know that i will have to schedule the post on october 3rd on my patreon . file will be downloadable for all patrons . yes ,  you guys made this project possible so it's only just that you guys get to see it first hehe . but for now , i will have to leave you with screenshots:

i know i've been consistent in the past but this time it's for real . i'm saying this because this project is all me . no collaborators , no hassles , no talk shit . this is what you supported and this is what you'll get . i should have done this before so i'm very sorry for taking so long to make up my mind . 



as you people know , RC ( flash game ) has been very unstable since the begining . my programmer was sometimes hot and sometimes cold . i mentioned this in my older posts . just when i'm about to get revise the project and get rid of him , he got back to me . i gave him a chance and then later , he disappeared . i mean for good . i could not find his FB . i could'nt PM him anymore . it's either he blocked me or deleted his account . 

as you can see in the date , my last message was on august 5 . i get no reply from him afterwards . i checked after a few days and i noticed his profile pic being blank . i have no idea why he did that . i was patient with him . did'nt put pressure or anything . remember my flash , eyline's captivity . he did the programming . took him 2 months to deliver . well , i did admit that he's only doing my projects as sideline so i'm assuming that he could not keep up  . yes this is bad news for RC , but hear me out . RC will still go-on . it's just that it will be reduced to a narrative . no quest , items , exploration , etc .for those who became a patron because of the hopes of seeing a game , i will understand if you cancel your pledge . i failed to deliver and i'm deeply sorry about this . i wish i can refund you but the best i can do is create a content . you can still see my work for free so your past pledges are still not in vain .

so what would this RC narrative look like ? 

well , usually i do things in a video format . and i  was planning to do it that way if i lose the programmer , which i did . but given that i already made materials for the game , it would be a waste if i don't use it . so i decided to make RC an animated comic , but have that walkthrough flavor on it . it's really weird to be honest . but i guess nobody did that yet . it should be insteresting and new , i hope . this time , it's all me . no more bullshit 



as of now , i wanted to focus only on halina's video . but as i said earlier , it's still need more time . it's pretty hard to jump on and off two projects with that "mood" thing needs to be dealt with . especially now that i'm frustrated with RC . i wanted to finish halina first , then start fresh on RC . i guess by that time i'm fully recharged again . it's an artist thing and i don't wanna explain here :) 


so i guess that's it for this post . thanks to all of you patrons who supported me up to this day . i know pissed some of you and i apologize . 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

08/2015 raffle price : dexter's mom

ok first of all , I like the show . dexter's lab is one of my favorite cartoons. i would watch it at anytime of the day . but honestly , dexter's mom did'nt really caught my eye . the show is too funny and i've focused more on that . after working on this request , i just realized how cute and hot she is . atleast in my interpretation . click on the image for full view

this raffle is made possible tru . click HERE to join

08/2015 raffle price : togame and shichika

hey hey , how are you internet . i finally finished our winner's price . this time the winner requested togame and shichika from the anime , katanagatari . i'm not very familiar with the show but i did what i can to interpret the characters . maybe i should check it out also when i got the chance . i hope you guys like it and tnx to your continious support . 

this raffle is made possible tru patreon .com . click HERE to join

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

08/2015 raffle draw



alright , rock and roll to world !! whooo ... 

the deed has been done , we got new winners now . congratz to both