Thursday, January 28, 2016

RC sample loop 2

alright , we're on a roll now . this is another loop recently made for you guys . 
some of you may wonder , if these loops will be included in the game , answer is yes . and I also plan to expand these animations later . I hope you guys enjoy it . thank you for visiting my blog .

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

RC sample loop 1

hello internet !!! I've done it . i've done some new animations for everyone to enjoy .
it was quite some time since i posted any loops due to RC . as some of you already know , i reserved those animations for the game itself . now that i'm finished all the neccesary materials for it , I'm free to make new loops . from this point on , i will be creating this series of loops while the game is in the programming stage . PCG is still working on it . we encountered some techie stuff and we are still adjusting to the format he's using . everything is still going well I think . 

i hope you guys liked this first loop and  theres more to come

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 first ecchi update

happy new year !! this will be my first post for 2016 
it's been really hectic for the past few weeks but i'm glad it's over , i can focus on the project more
these are addition to the hentai scenes . theres still a lot of stuff to do ,but most of it are related to
the gameplay . i need to do revisions on most of the window tabs and do some other graphics . 
having that said , it does'nt mean i will stop posting nsfw until the demo gets done . i think i can do some occational loop animations to fill the gaps

so this will be it for this update . i'll make sure to make another one real soon .
thanks for visiting my blog . 

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

RC cynth update

happy holidays everyone . it's really busy this month . been trying to focus on the project but the holiday is really getting on the way . xmas is over yet new year is still coming . occations like this are pretty extreme in my country . i getting disrupted lately . atleast i made progress this week . this scene is one the incidental android . i added the climax on the doggy scene , and made the BJ scene . 
hopefully next month ,i can finish another scene fro another character

and some sample animation

so this will be all for this update .  i have another update regarding the gameplay in the coming days . pink cookie games have made some progress on adding the path finder on the rpg mode . 

thanks for your patience and support

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

RC additional scenes update

hey hey , wazzup guys . holidays is getting near . it's really busy and i need to show 
some stuff . so ,.. i worked on two more scenes for the project . and designed the first android to appear

im still working on this one , it's a re-used scene from hinata loop i made sometime ago . i'm  expanding these scene . add variations , speed , then climax . i named this character , cynth . yeah yeah , i got it originally from the name cynthia . i removed the last 3 letters and it sounded like a sci-fi name :D


now this one here is called Arti . if you have been following my work much earlier , you should have seen this already . well , she's a key character in RC . you get to know her role soon enough . as you can see , she's not the normal human kind . i already completed this scene , variations and climax . but i'm willing to expand this when i got a chance . 

so this will be my first update for this month , i am to post the update soon with the gameplay in my patreon feed . we made some progress since the last time . the skeleton of the game is working now . just need to polish it . if you want to check it out , be sure to be a patron 

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

RC coloring and sample update

so ah... still busy making the RC game , having to direct the game actually . while i been coloring 
some animations used for the game . there's still a lot more to do in this project . but for now 
this are screen shots:

and i do admit that I cannot get away with a sample animation tho :)

well i have plans to expand the animations on these scenes . maybe add more transitions , more variations , etc , but as for a beta test , this will be good enough . 
ATM , we are piecing out the explore mode in the game . we will make an update with it soon
. credits to Pink Cookie Games for this endevour .
i hope you guys can stick with us till this game gets finished . 
thanks to all your patronage , spreading the word . 
this project is doing well atm .
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

11/2015 raffle draw


okay guys , i finally got this done . i know it's been late so sorry again for the delay .
due to development of RC ,  i wanted to announce that this will be last raffle i will conduct . this is because of budget . i am not alone anymore so it means i have to make a significant adjustment . 
perhaps in a future i will conduct this kind of event . or maybe come up with a new idea . 

for example : make the raffle yearly . like a loyalty gift sort . winners will be given the chance to contribute to the RC's content . like a side quest , or be an npc . idk . 

so that would be all for now , i will be back with updates later
thanks to all your support