Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dark Piccolo in co-op play (comission)

whew !! finally i finished this one . comissioned by dark piccolo . this one took 10 months cuz me and the comissioner agreed to do it in a slow fashion . the design and style of animation for this one different  . more like an experiment to be honest . but i hope you guys still like it

anyway , i have'nt got a reply for febuary's raffle winner . still wating though until the end of the month . i hope he do otherwise i will have to cancel his price .

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

02/2015 rafle draw


yay !! congratulations to the winner  !! :D

took me a while to make this tho . i always forgot . but yeah we got a new pic coming up soon . i just hope the winner responds quickly like last month's winner did . 

tnx to all the patrons who participated i hope to see your names again on next months raffle

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

02/2015 raffle entries

finally i'm back !!! sorry if this event came late . that's because of the typhoon in my area . i got no internet connection for a few days . it's back now but it's still kinda slow like -300 kbps :(

anyway , these are the list of patrons who succesfully completed their pledges . winner for this raffle is previledged to make a request according to the amount of their pledge . i'm looking forward for the next lucky guy . good luck to all of you :D

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Rouge Courier update # 9

apologies for the inactivity for a while . it's been really hectic these past few 2 weeks . 
but as i promised in my patreon , here are loops from the RC/eyline collab .

oh btw, the next raffle is coming up so watch out for that
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Jessie Winters

hi guys . it's been quiet in my blog for a while so i needed to post something quick.

this is an OC named jessie winters . a quick comission i made a few days ago . i don't have much info about this character but she's kinda interesting . she's like from a fututristic scenario where the air is not good for breathing so that human's need to wear gas mask. 

it's not my fote tho but it's nice to draw SFW comissions sometimes . it tells me that i'm not just for doing pervy stuff . tnx to the guy who comissioned this

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Monday, January 12, 2015

01/2015 raffle price : E'lara

ok guys . i know some of you you have been waiting for this months raffle price so here it is . !!!

E'lara , she's an OC from pandora's pleasure by 3Dxart 
done in adobe flash cs3 using gradients 
(click the pic for full view)

i was hoping to emulate the original but this is the farthest i can go :D . i'm not really an expert when it comes to portrait type of drawings but i'm happy with what i came up with  . i really suck at modeling the face . 

it was fun to work with tho . i had a boner muhahaha

and congratulations again to Zach for winning the first raffle !! 

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

01/2015 raffle draw


so here it is .. congratulations to the winner  !! :D

i decided to upload this as raw even tho the audio is not synching with the video . i guess i have to get a better camera . come to think of it , i think this would be better if done in livestream . i should have thought of it before i started this raffle thing . i will look into that after this post . 

tnx to all the patrons who participated i hope to see your names again on next months raffle

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