Wednesday, December 14, 2016

RC EP2 update

hello, this is pinoytoons once again . it's time for an update on Rogue Courier . i've been working with PCG with these and finally , all is set

the following are the elements for the game:



when you open the game, this will be the first thing that will appear
player will navigate these buttons

newgame-starting a new game
load game-continuing a previous game
gallery-viewing the unlocked hentai scenes



it's pretty straight forward . player can click the thumbnails which they want to view .
those which has a lock icon are not available for viewing.
the red arrow at the bottom left and right are for moving the next and previous pages



these are buttons that you will see during gameplay ,regardless of the mode you're at

from left to right:

missions button
switch mode

when clicked , a window will pop out



this is composed of two kinds of missions : campain and gigs

campain-are missions that are related to main storyline
gigs-are missions that are optional job offers to the characters

on the bottom left beside the gig mission is the contacts . player will know if they recieve a gig when theres a listing there . each contact can have up to 3 missions which player may choose to accept



this one is pretty much point and click . items speaks for itself , stuff that you loot and buy.
Zeons is the currency of the game
assets is still being negotiated atm . me and PGC is still not fixed about this idea right now , it's wont be used in EP2 anyway , but i included it here for future references

but the idea of it is the asset tab is where you can see your leverages such as android,tribute,and some estate you buy ,or market share. it's a very complex but i hope we can work it out 



this is is where you view your characters stats. there will be a feature where you can jump to rally point to pick up a new crew . once a character joined your crew , it's thumbnail will appear on top .
player may also discharge a crew if they're not needed anymore



this one here is where you can edit your ship stats by adding a "hardware". the blue tabs at the right will navigate the player and edit . 

weapons-are for fighting of course .can be bought from NPC . can also loot from kills during space shooter . or trade with incidental characters

energy-these are items that improves the performance of your ship . either speed-up,endurance
,better resistance etc . can be bought from NPC . 
can also loot from kills during space shooter . or trade with incidental characters

equipments-these are items which used for strategic purposes. either RTS,or space shooter mode . the idea is, the player may want to avoid encounter , some items will be useful .  can be bought from NPC . 
can also loot from kills during space shooter . or trade with incidental characters



another straight forward window. perhaps it doesn't need explaination



on the top left is the actions buttons . this is used for scouting a tile , mining, scanning glitch (portal)

on the center top , you see a bar . this is related to the main character's condition . on each end , you will see the main character and his sahkara . basically , they are fighting for dominace . player has to manage the main character's condition so they can continue traveling . once sahkara's point maxed to 100% , that means sahkara won Kouia's body and he will go berserk . in short, it's game over

anyway,  I did some layout changes on this one ,and PCG quite suffered hehe. he had to 
revisit all his events to reposition all the tiles for all maps . it's mainly because we needed to increase the size of the fonts . this is one of the reasons EP2 will take longer to get done 

the following pics are previews of the actions

upon clicking the actions button , player will chosse what action he wants to perform

when player clicked glitch , this will appear . player will choose the target map then click scan , then a glitch will appear on the map randomly

this one is when player clicked mine , ship must be at a mining site like those little rocks with some crystal in the pic . each miner drone have their durabilities . they may get destroyed when mining
player can get these miner drones from NPC

lastly, when player clicked scout , this will appear . during this mode , player may want to reduce encounter with hostile enemies . what it does is , it deploy a scout drone so the main ship will know if the particular tile is free to go or not . when a scout drone encounters an enemy , it will be confronted . it may or may not survive so player must use them wisely.player can get these scout drones from NPC



these are Kolon Daral station. there's still some crowds missing there on the first one . and i'm working on it

this one is Noralih station . EP2 will be using this one quite a lot.
one more layout needs to be done here but i think it will be added on EP3


whew!!!,. still a lot of stuff to do .rukkian station stage needs to be done too . i need to work on sprites because there will be a melee combat in  EP2 . for this reason , my time for the regular stuff/pic/loop animations are reduced .  I may end up with no new visual stuff if Pink Cookie Games (the programmer) demands the materials . in any case , you guys should already knew what's going on hehe . 

so that will be all for this update . 

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Monday, December 5, 2016


it's been a while since my last post . i've been really busy with patreon stuff and RC 
these past few months and this blog got overlooked . but i'm back with a lot of pics .
enjoy !!

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Friday, July 15, 2016

june comission

it's been a while since i've done commissions . i needed some extra cash to fill some financial gaps last month . the workplace cost me more than i expected . the flow is still in recovery . but i hope you guys like this post

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

pinoytoons studio finished !!

whew !!.... it's finally finished . took a longer than expected . got short on my budget . construction got slowed down due to lack of materials . i had to take a few short comissions to fill the gaps . but it's all good now . the place is not perfect but i'm pretty happy with it . sorry if my content got delayed . i'll do what i can to bring in some new stuff ASAP . tnx for the patience